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Solve your bitter problems with ClearTaste™

The natural organic bitter blocker

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Everything from pea protein to stevia, our organic bitter blocker can be formulated to improve the flavor profiles of various substrates.

Using our organic technology we have created unqiue and novel ways to remove the need for sugar in a variety of substrates. Giving formulators the ability to make products consumers are demanding.

Flavor Defects

Sugar Reduction Technology

Improving Nature with Nature

We make innovative natural ingredient solutions

By harnessing nature we have developed unique innovative ingredients that solve some of the toughest challenges in the food & beverage industry.

Flexible For Your Business

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More ways to work with you

Our flexible business model makes it easy to work with us. We offer easy add-in ingredients, technology solutions and private label opportunity to meet any requests.

Enhanced add-in Ingredients

Licensing Opportunities

Private Label

Working with businesses of all sizes

Simple Technology, Tons of Applications

With more consumers looking to go natural we help solve the challenges faced when formulating natural products. We have pioneered the next generation of food processing.

Next Generation of Food, Natural Food Processing

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Transforming over 400 agricultural commodities

Lets Transform Your Business

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Bitter Aftertaste, Removed

Dramatically improve the taste profile of stevia with a simple add-in ingredient.

Organic Bitter Blocker

Effectively tailored to work in hundreds of applications.

Less Bitter Less Sugar

We remove bitter compounds enabling formulators to create finished products with drastically less sugar.

Cost Savings Advantage

Lower grade stevia can be improved to taste better than leading products on the market

Effective in Low Concentrations

In most products it can be used in PPM to improve taste profiles.

We naturally reduce mycotoxins, aflatoxins and ochratoxins by up to 75% in cacao.

Mycotoxins Naturally Removed

Completely Soluble

Spray dried to easily add into any application with ease.

Clean Label

Keeping a clean label is important ClearTaste only requires 'Natural Flavors' on the label.

Low grade beans can be enhanced to have superior flavor profiles

Cost Savings Advantage

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Improving Nature With Nature

About MycoTechnology

MycoTechnology is a food technology company which has developed a natural food processing platform that is solving some of the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry.



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