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Take the Bitter Out of Stevia

Simple Add-in Ingredient Completely Transforms Stevia's Aftertaste

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Stevia Aftertaste Removed with ClearTaste™

Eliminate aftertaste Maintain full sweetness

With our organic bitter blocker we have successfully removed the aftertaste of stevia. With sweetness and bitterness deriving from the same molecule our unique ingredient blocks the bitterness while maintaining full sweetness. Creating the best stevia solution.

Natural Flavor, Natural Flavor


In the United States our organic bitter blocker for stevia only needs to be labeled as a "natural flavor" or "natural flavor enhancer."

Features of ClearTaste Stevia

Aftertaste Removed

ClearTaste stevia eliminates the aftertaste, even in low Reb extracts.


ClearTaste Stevia is spray dried to maximize solubility.

PH & Stability

ClearTaste Stevia is heat stable and works in both acidic and basic formulations.


ClearTaste stevia improves the overall mouth-feel to more closely resemble sugar.

Green Note

The upfront initial "Green Note" has an earthy flavor. Using our organic bitter blocker the initial onset taste is also removed.

How ClearTaste Stevia is Made

MycoZyme Produces ClearTaste
MycoZyme first step culturing


Step 1

First we grow myclium in proprietary media.

MycoZyme second step drying


Step 2

Culture is spray dried with stevia down into a powder.


MycoZyme produces ClearTaste

Step 3

Produces ClearTaste Stevia ready to be used.

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Start Formulating with ClearTaste™ Stevia

Improving Nature With Nature

About MycoTechnology

MycoTechnology is a food technology company which has developed a natural food processing platform that is solving some of the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry.



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