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Solve your bitter problems with ClearTaste™

Organic bitter blocker

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Natural Organic Bitter Blocker

Bitter Formulation Challenges?

Our organic bitter blocker is changing how products are being formulated.

Effectively tailored in hundreds of Applications.

Our organic bitter blocker is changing how products are being formulated.

Composition of ClearTaste

86% Carbohydrates in ClearTaste
14% other


Protein, Fats and Other

ClearTaste is primarily comprised of carbohydrates

The rest is comprised of moisture, salts, lipids, amino acids and nucleic acids.

Simple Technology, Tons of Applications

Next Generation Ingredients

Our organic bitter blocker can be tailored to work in hundreds of different applications. Don't see what your looking for? Let us help tailor ClearTaste to your product.

Next generation food ingredients

Popular Applications of ClearTaste

Our organic bitter blocker is changing how products are formulated

Beers & Alcohols

Works to remove the astringency of various beverages.

improving flavor profiles of alcohol

Bitter-free Stevia

Naturally remove the bitter metallic aftertaste of stevia.

Monk Fruit

Reduces the citrus flavor profile of monk fruit. Improves overall mouthfeel.

non-bitter stevia
improving flavor profile of monk fruit


Improve the taste of your supplements with our simple add-in ingredient.

Improving the taste of supplements

Protein Powders

Everything from pea protein to whey, our natural bitter blocker improves the flavor profile.


Effectively improves both acidic and basic PH beverages while balancing the flavor profile.

improving flavor profile of protein powder
Flavor modulation in beverages

How ClearTaste is Made

MycoZyme Produces ClearTaste Organic Bitter Blocker
ClearTaste 1st step Culturing


Step 1

First we grow myclium in proprietary organic media.

Making ClearTaste Second Step: Drying


Step 2

Culture is spray dried to a powder.


ClearTaste Produced and ready to ship icon

Step 3

Produces ClearTaste to be used as an organic flavor modifier.

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Start Formulating with ClearTaste™

Improving Nature With Nature

About MycoTechnology

MycoTechnology is a food technology company which has developed a natural food processing platform that is solving some of the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry.



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