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Solve your bitter problems with ClearTaste™

Worlds first organic universal bitter blocker

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Simple Technology, Tons of Applications

With more consumers looking to go natural we help solve the challenges faced when formulating natural products. We have pioneered the next generation of food processing.

Organic food processing platform with tons of applications

Next Generation of Food, Natural Food Processing


Reducing bitterness in tea leaves

Tea Leaves

Licensing, Private Label

Flavor modulation in alcohols


Add-in Ingredient, Licensing

Reducing bitterness in cacao beans
Reducing bitterness in coffee beans
Removing the bitter aftertaste of stevia

Cacao Beans

Licensing, Private Label

Coffee Beans

Licensing, Private Label


Add-in Ingredient, Private Label

Reducing astringency of Pomegranate


Add-in Ingredient

Improving flavor profile of vodka


Add-in Ingredient

Improving flavor profile of coconut water
Improving flavor profile of tequilla
Improving flavor profile of wine

Coconut Water

Add-in Ingredient


Add-in Ingredient


Add-in Ingredient

Improving monk fruits flavor profile

Monk Fruit

Add-in Ingredient

Improving flavor profile of grapefruit


Add-in Ingredient

Improving flavor profile of cranberry


Add-in Ingredient

Improving flavor profile of pea protein

Pea Protein

Add-in Ingredient

Amplifying sweetness of aspartame


Add-in Ingredient

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Improving Nature With Nature

About MycoTechnology

MycoTechnology is a food technology company which has developed a natural food processing platform that is solving some of the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry.



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Worldwide Headquarters: 3155 N. Chambers Rd, Unit E, Aurora, CO 80011